For cyclists using a heart rate monitor and a power meter the Effort Spots page enables you to visualise how much time you spent at different heart rate and power levels on a given ride. This has now been enhanced to show you the exact heart rate and power level where you spent most time on the ride – the hottest spot. This is marked with a small green cross (+) and will typically lie within a hot red region:

You can hover over the cross and it will give you the numerical values for the heart rate and power at the hottest spot – in this case 152 bpm and 228W:

Adding a Reference activity works in the same way as before and now also shows you the hottest spot of that activity as a blue cross:

Again, hovering over the blue cross will show you the numerical heart rate and power values for the reference activity’s hottest spot.

Sometimes the heart rate and power combination where you actually spent the most time on a ride correspond to times when you were freewheeling and the power was zero. Since these points are not especially interesting they are not marked as hottest spots and the highest heart rate / power combination with a positive power value is selected instead. In those cases you may notice that the contours and colour coding indicate values on the y-axis that may exceed the “heat” of the hottest spot.

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