A number of enhancements have been made to the Timeline page. The most immediately obvious change is that there is now better colour differentiation based on intensity levels. As before, the highest intensity activities are coloured red and the lowest are green but the contrast is now clearer:

Also, all of the values shown in the hover boxes are now rounded to whole numbers or one decimal place.

Other enhancements improve the clarity of information seen when you aggregate the timeline data monthly using the checkbox in the sidebar, where you can also choose to compare your monthly aggregate data with peers ():

Information on each month is now shown as a hover tip, as it is for the non-aggregated points:

The comparison to others is especially easy to see if you use the Compare data on hover control in the top right of the chart area:

When you use this it’s easy to compare your CSS, Hours of activity and aggregate Monthly intensity measures with those of peers:

For example, here I can see that in the chosen July period, while my aggregate Monthly intensity was lower than that of peers, my Hours of activity were higher and this netted out to give me a higher CSS over the month.

You will also notice that while an individual activity with an intensity of, say, 80 is coloured in the orange spectrum, an aggregate monthly intensity of 80 would appear as red. This reflects the fact that we quite often do very hard individual efforts but to be doing even moderately intense efforts every time we exercised throughout a whole month is likely to bring our monthly intensity considerably higher than the usual peer average.

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