If you’re new to Crickles and maybe haven’t signed up yet this is for you.

  1. Crickles is free. Please repay us by completing our extremely short survey.
  2. We never give your data to advertisers or in any other way seek to make money from it.
  3. The main purpose of Crickles is to estimate the cardiac stress that you accrue from endurance sports. We summarise this in our Cardiac Stress Score and it gets rolled up into cumulative Fitness and Fatigue measures.
  4. There is no accepted medical consensus for determining how much exercise is too much. However, with Crickles you can accurately compare how much Cardiac Stress you’re accruing compared to other people of your age and gender. If you’re doing more than everyone else then that’s a lot, right?!
  5. Crickles is consistent. For example, if you exercise without a heart rate monitor or a power meter it won’t rate your exercise load as zero. Also, if you switch between using a heart rate monitor and a power meter you’ll generally get similar numbers. Also, as you get fitter and exercise at a lower heart rate for the same “effort”, Crickles will automatically detect this and recalibrate your Cardiac Stress Score adaptively.
  6. Crickles detects strap errors and some forms of irregularity in heart rate data. To continue to improve this, please complete our short survey if you haven’t done so already.
  7. We get data from your Strava account, once you’ve authorised us to do so. You’ll need your Strava ID, which is a number like 301194 – instructions for finding this are given here.
  8. The sign-up process is a bit more complicated than we’d like – we used to email you as soon as you signed up with some help on how to proceed but we can no longer get your email address from Strava. The procedure is given here.

If you get stuck or confused or have any thoughts about Crickles, please get in touch through the Contact page or by email to admin@crickles.org.

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