Fit-Fat charts on the Navigator have had a subtle but important upgrade. Initially, the tab looks unchanged:


The main difference at first is that by default all of your Crickles history now appears.

There is also a new drop-down in the side panel that enables you to chart just one of the fit-fat lines:


For example, if you choose Fatigue as here you’ll see this:


This makes it easier to see changes in each of the three charts.

Furthermore, if you hover over any of the charts you can see the Stress Load (i.e. the CSS) alongside the numerical value of the Fitness, Fatigue or Form on each day. Moreover, you can also draw a rectangle around any part of the charts to zoom in on that time slice – that’s why the Date Range on the side panel is no longer relevant for Fit-Fat. Here’s an example of a zoom in on the above chart to see the time around the end of 2016/start of 2017 in more detail:


To unset the zoom just double click on the chart.


  1. Thanks for the update, Ian!
    I’m still fairly new to this fitness/fatigue/form trend method for gauging where my cycling is at, having only been aware of it for ~14 months of my mid life crisis quest to try and get fit again since January 2017. I thought it was “form” that we should be monitoring for over-training, typically when it became more negative than approximately -30, rather than exclusively looking at “fatigue” numbers.
    During the second half of last week’s annual leave week, I felt mentally drained, but had no DOMS at all in my legs from the power interval rides in the first half of the week despite “form” reaching -26.1 and “fatigue” being -120.9. It felt quite strange doing rides Fri-Sun inclusive where I only did one power interval up the latter half of one cat4 hill and the rest was very easy-moderate power, partly because my legs felt heavy, but also because I was really struggling to kick myself out of the door until late afternoon and I’m very conscious that late power interval rides can keep me hyper-active until gone midnight.
    Yet despite reaching a new highest “fitness” level of 94.9 last Wednesday on the Crickles trend, partially thanks to how it takes account of rides done without wearing a HRM (something I’ve not bothered with for commutes on a regular basis most of this year, which has made trend gauges track differently at other sites), I still feel such a stupid sense of guilt when I have a day off work like today when I don’t go out for a ride of any description!
    The new way of being able to see how each ride affects the graph stats is very useful, as the the quick way to focus between specific dates, very useful.
    Thanks for all your efforts at Crickles,

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