Recently Strava’s API for getting Friends has stopped working. This hasn’t only affected Crickles: numerous other app developers are reporting the same problem. There is no information about this on the Strava developers site, which still reports the same protocol for accessing Friends data, so there is no way of knowing if it’s an unintended bug or a planned removal of functionality. Strava are not replying to Support queries on the topic.

This means that any changes to your Strava Friends made after January 17th will not be reflected in Crickles when you select Strava Friends under Group. If you signed up to Crickles after January 17th your Strava Friends will only include you!

It remains to be seen whether or not Strava will fix this. Irrespective, this is a good prompt for Crickles to start to collect athletes’ Date of Birth so that,  in lieu of Friends if this is not available, we can do Age as well as Gender grouping. Age is in fact more relevant than Friends from the perspective of health and training load.

Those of you who asked for beta logins have already provided your DoB; everyone else can expect to be prompted to supply it soon. Your identity will not be shown with your age on Crickles, even though it is on Strava. It would be useful to hear from anyone who prefers not to provide their DoB – please email me at if you feel this way.

Whether/how Friends-style comparisons will be supported if Strava don’t fix their API remains to be seen. Please let me know if you have views on its desirability.

Thanks, Ian

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