The Timeline (previously called CSS (Cardiac Stress Score) Map) on the Crickles Navigator has been overhauled to display data differently. Now, the x-axis is the timeline, which still reflects the Date Range on the side panel, and the y-axis shows the CSS for each activity. This makes it easy to pick out which activities have the highest CSS (those that lie highest on the chart) and when you did them (more recent to the right, least recent to the left). The composition of CSS into its elements is now encoded through size, which represents moving time – larger dots are longer activities – and colour – the least intense activities are green and the most intense are red.

Here’s an illustration – note that CSS Map now appears as Timeline as the tab name:


In this example, the activity with the highest CSS occurs half way along the chart at the top. The size (large) and colour (medium orange) indicates that the activity was long in duration but only moderately intense.

You will also see that there are some grey dots. This is because the Timeline now also includes activities for which there is no heart rate data and so Cardiac Stress has to be estimated from moving time alone.

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