The following issues are known about and being investigated. Please let me know if these or any other issues are significantly impairing your use of Crickles.

Request password – closed, now fixed

While the Change password checkbox is working once you’ve logged on, some users have reported that since the last update the Request Password button for when you have forgotten your password is not working. Until this is fixed please email me either directly or through the Contact page if you need a new password and can’t get one.

Fitness Trend smoothing – closed

Since the last update, the Smoothing slider on the Fitness Trend page is sometimes not appearing. This doesn’t seem to be definitively tied to a particular browser or platform although if it’s not working for you on one browser and you try another one that may well work! CAN BE REMEDIED BY CLEARING YOUR BROWSER CACHE. Kudos to Crickles user Roy who spotted both the problem and the solution.

Password/credentials saving

Crickles tries to cache your credentials as cookies so that you don’t need to keep re-entering them between sessions. This usually works best on Firefox. Chrome and Safari correctly save and recall credentials but still require you to hit enter on the log-in screen. Users have reported various issues on different platforms and with various password managers. I’ll try to improve this along with an overhaul of the sign-up process but probably not before then.

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